Police Detained Two Men Suspected Of Mihalik’s Murder For Questioning


The Late Pete Mihalik was an advocate In Cape town South Africa. He was murdered Tuesday (30 October 2018) morning outside his son’s school yard. Mihalik was killed in a hit as he dropped his son and teenage daughter at school in Green Point.

A man seating in a court
Lawyer Pete Mihalik


One of the killers walked up to Mihalik’s Mercedes-Benz outside Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard at 7.35am. Two shots were fired through the driver’s window. The gunman fled the scene in a silver VW Polo driven by an accomplice.


Mihalik’s eight-year-old son Daniel and his teenage daughter were in the car at the time of the shooting. Daniel sustained an injury during the incident and was rushed to the hospital he underwent surgery. Mihalik’s daughter was physically unharmed.


Daniel was moved from Somerset Hospital after receiving treatment. Mihalik’s partner‚ Bruce Hendricks‚ said Daniel’s condition was “stable” on Wednesday (31October 2018) in a Cape Town private hospital‚ but he still had a bullet lodged in his jaw.


After extensive forensic inspection at the scene of the crime, the body was removed at midday on Tuesday. The advocate is believed to have been with some dangerous gangs.Circumstances surrounding Mihalik’s death remain unclear.


Two men are being questioned today (31 October 2018)  for the murder of Cape Town advocate Pete Mihalik. Officers in the police anti-gang unit had arrested them separately after the shooting. No one has been arrested or charged.


Police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana said that

a second man had been taken in for questioning on Tuesday, but would not divulge any further information, saying the police had 48 hours to interrogate suspects before charging them with a crime.


Over the past two years, a “turf war” has been playing out in Cape Town between a more established grouping linked to Sea Point businessman Mark Lifman and a new faction headed by Nafiz Modack.


The Booysen brothers – Colin and Jerome “Donkie” Booysen – have been divided, with Colin siding with Modack and Donkie with Lifman. The result has been numerous tit-for-tat shootings, as well as attempted and successful assassinations.

It’s believed that Mihalik had found himself deeply involved in this standoff and had attempted to intervene to resolve the dispute. During a bail application earlier this year involving Modack, police officer Charl Kinnear dropped a bombshell when he revealed that Mihalik had been acting as a “facilitator” and “mediator” between Modack and rich Jewish business owners in Cape Town.


Mihalik was also accused of selling a gun that was at the centre of a dispute between the two factions, demanding R20 000 for it to be returned to “Steroid King” Brian Wainstein, who was subsequently murdered.


“Pete Mihalik, acting as a facilitator in his chambers, brought in the business owners, making them believe he had no link with Modack or Booysen, and negotiated R100 000 payments per month for protection.This was done with Booysen, Modack and another person in the group, Mark Louw.


The money was then paid into Louw’s account and he transferred that money in Modack’s account,” Kinnear testified. The allegations against Mihalik were later pedaled back significantly.

The prosecutor told the court: “It has no substance and was uncalled for.”


She went as far as suggesting that certain individuals had used the bail application “to hurl accusations, which were irrelevant to the case”, at others.


The lawyer’s father‚ Janos‚ said the lawyer’s sister was on her way to Cape Town to look after the children‚ whose mother committed suicide several years ago.


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