Be The First To Ride The Latest Cable Car In Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe first looked at the possibility of cable cars as a way to solve the traffic congestion problem. This was when the Kuvacash a company offered to revolutionize Harare’s transport system.

Their concept video of an Aerial Ropeway Transit (ART) has been making the rounds on social media. It looks like something that could alleviate the ever-growing traffic congestion that is associated with Harare.

The intention was to come up with something that can solve problem and still be cost effective. Underground trains are disruptive whilst overground trains are too expensive and thus the cable cars became the option.

The idea was loved by the travel and tour department they want to capitalize on the experience that this would bring for their clients. Thus the commissioning of the first cable car in Zimbabwe at Eco Nyati in Headlands. The first ride is set for 1 December 2018


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