Breaking News: Less Fuel Queues As Zimbabwe Discovers Oil


Faced with a cash crisis and the economy on the brink of collapsing, Zimbabwe has discovered oil. This will be a huge relief to motorists as they have been sleeping in their cars in fuel queues.

Zimbabwe will be able to produce its own diesel as President Mnangagwa has said Australian firm, Invictus Energy has confirmed that oil and gas deposits have been found in Mzarabani.

This has caused quite a stir since fuel shortages became prevalent after  Minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube introduced the 2% increment to be charged on the value of electronic payments.

The government has blamed fuel shortages on foreign currency shortages which the country has been struggling to acquire.

The country has been witnessing long, winding queues at fuel service stations as there has been  increases in the demand of fuel.

We are yet to see if these oil and gas deposits found in Mzarabani will solve the fuel shortage crisis in the country.



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  1. sam says

    l agree with you Mr Masiyiwa it is time for all of us Zimbabweans to work together and reconstruct Zimbabwe but sanctions must be first removed it is overdue ,everybody should be able to understand that we are now required to pull in the same direction. Zimbabweans let me tell you there is nothing Mr Masiyiwa wants from Zimbabwean government at all because he pays his corporate tax from his companies but the mere fact that he wants to see Zimbabwe developed that’s all ,so lets not try to mix up issues .He is not saying we should surrender the democratic principles but he saying allow us to deal with issues and matters that are hindrance to national development ,we procure capital from financial institutes that are outside Zimbabwe .where Zimbabwe is under sanctions.Let us be very careful there are certain individuals who are thriving in this economical environment who who want to see the current situation continuing this same way but a lot of Zimbabweans are suffering beyond any definition of suffering ,for how long should we continue to be blind .All of us should become sober

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