Controversial Omotoso Trial Postponed to December



Trial of the Nigerian pastor Timothy Omotoso resumed today in the High Court in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

Omotoso is currently on trial for raping and sexually grooming about 30 teenage girls. The Jesus Dominion International Church founded by the pastor was shut down as protestors stated that the pastor used the church as a front for his heinous crimes.

The church needs to be closed down as it’s treated as a crime scene because of the heinous crimes that the pastor committed, we came here this morning to halt all the processes of the church until there’s the conclusion of the case.

Last week, Makaula said he found the defence had failed dismally to prove grounds for him to recuse himself, including allegations that he had already decided to convict and sentence, and that he was overtly sympathetic and prejudiced, among other claims. The defence wanted him to recuse himself, claiming that he acted in a biased manner towards their client.

The ongoing trial has gone viral on social media as thousands of people are commenting and voicing their opinions on the matter.

Makaula was expected to make a ruling on both applications today.

Judge Mandela Makaula dismissed the pastor’s legal team’s application.

The defence advocate Peter Daubermann asked the court to postpone the trial so he can petition the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA).

The trial has been postponed until 10 December, that’s to give the defence time to approach the Supreme Court of Appeal.


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