Duty Free Import Takes New Turn As Zimra Reduces Quantity Of Goods


The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) on the 6th of November 2018 announced that there is going to be a reduction in the goods that one can import. Zimra had announced a that the ban on imports had been lifted following the price hikes.

This brought about mixed feelings in consumers as some saw it as a blessing while others questioned the action. This new action is going to attract even more questions and probably give room to corruption. Zimra made known its intent to cut down goods that individuals can import into the country duty-free for personal consumption.

Following the shortage of basic commodities and increases in the prices of the goods,  the government suspended restrictions on importing until the economic situation in the country returns to normal. This means that citizens who have access to “free funds” will be able to import a wide range of products into the country without restriction subject to import duties to Zimra.


A memorandum from Zimra Head of Technical Services, C. Chiyangwa, to regional and station managers reads,

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