King Monada’s ‘Fainting’ Song- Fun Or Foolishness?


King Monada’s latest single Malwedhe, has taken South Africa and the entire internet by storm, becoming an instant internet sensation as people have been recording themselves fainting to the song’s lyrics.

King Monada sings about developing fainting spells when his lover cheats, does not give him money and eventually breaks up with him in the song.

People were so taken by the lyrics that the song led to what came to be known as the #IdibalaChallenge (fainting challenge) where people have been taking videos of themselves ‘fainting’ when he says “Idibala”.

In the videos, the people would be singing along to the song, but when it comes to the part that talks about fainting,  they would fall in a heap on the floor as if they had just fainted. They would get up, sing, and when it gets to the fainting part, throw themselves to the ground again.

Watch Video of trending Idibala Challenge:

However, what started as just fun has brought with it danger and trouble in what the South African government feels is trouble waiting to happen. This comes after two paramedics recorded themselves driving without safety belts and pretending to faint as they listened to the song.

The song is playing and as soon as it gets to the fainting part, both throw their heads either to the side or on their chests.

Simon Zwane, a spokesman for Road Traffic Management Corporation, said it was dangerous for drivers to do the #idibalachallenge on the road.

“I’ve seen the videos. When drivers take their eyes off the road, they can cause a fatal crash,” he said.

“What they’re doing is the same as SMSing while driving. Many fatal crashes are caused by this. Crashes happen within a split second and drivers should keep their full concentration on the road,” said Zwane.

In another incident, students at Hoerskool Akasia in Tshwane also took matters too far when they took up the challenge in a classroom, while a teacher was going about her lesson.

A few questions have come up regarding the incident with people asking what happened to the good old days when schools were a respected place and what cellphones were doing in a classroom in the first place.

The DailySun reported that a video of their teacher reprimanding them was posted on Facebook. “I don’t want to see you in my classroom for the rest of the term. I’ve had it with you. You can go to court with me. I’m so willing,” said the angry teacher.

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