Magaya Poking The Beehive As Official Statements Contradict To His Claim Of A ‘Miracle Cure’


The announcement made by the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries on Sunday 28 October 2018 during a church service has shocked people. The Charismatic Prophet told his congregants that he has discovered a ‘cure’ (called Aguma) for HIV and AIDS as well as cancer.


Prophet Magaya is said to have gone too far and is being called upon to take back his statement.The official statement by the Ministry of health on Monday 29 October is that there is no cure for HIV and AIDS as well as cancer.


“Herbal medicines now require approval by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) and the product has not yet been submitted for review and assessment.”


The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights  (ZADHR) called on Magaya to take back his claims. The group said that “such unverified claims have the potential to increase the number of Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) defaulters, increased risky behaviour practices and exposure to potentially harmful side effects of the herbs.”


The drug that Prophet Magaya announced is a supplement that could boost Immune system. According to him it cures HIV and cancer he even said that “I have tested Aguma fully on human beings and in 14 days they have been cured.”


The charismatic prophet was literally pocking at the beehive with his claims. Prophet Magaya finds himself in a very difficult position as the authorities are calling for his arrest. Magaya is said to have served his term as a ‘false prophet’ and now he should serve the jail term. His claims puts the lives of ordinary desperate Zimbabweans at risk.


Statistics show that about 1, 2 million people in ZImbabwe are on HIV and AIDS treatment and tens of thousands more on life prolonging cancer treatment. About 25 to 30% of Zimbabweans say they would actually buy the ‘miracle cure’ Aguma with no second thoughts.


The ‘cure’ was supposed to be the market this coming weekend according to the Charismatic Prophet. According to medical experts it takes up to 12 years to develop a new drug. The DNA of HIV and AIDS as well as cancer is very complicated.


The ministry has urged all that are on the treatment of HIV and AIDS to continue with their treatment. They said that people should not switch medications without being advised on it first. These switches may cause serious health consequences.


Aguma has not been registered with any board in Zimbabwe and thus its effectiveness is s questionable. The Retail Pharmacists Association (RPA) has warned the public against using unregistered medicines. RPA urged people to buy medicines that are sold at pharmacies.


Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZiMA) which is the motherboard of all professional medical doctors said all patients who are on ARV should continue with their medication, until medical evidence is provided to any claim of a cure.


The National Aids Council (Nac) disengaged itself from the claims of any HIV cure. Nac said that it was not aware of any clinical trials locally and globally. According to Nac any new medication should be subjected to rigorous clinical trials before it can be released to the public.


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