Pastor Mboro Urges Church Leaders To Fight Against The Killing Of Women


Incredible Happenings Ministries leader, Pastor Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng on Wednesday appealed to fellow religious leaders all over South Africa to stand together with communities in the fight against femicide which has claimed the lives of many women and girls across the country. 

“We [as churches] have always been there, and we have never stopped. When #NotInMyName invited me, I said it’s good to work together as a partnership – the church, civil society, and all activists. I’m going to mobilise other religious leaders,” Motsoeneng said to African News Agency (ANA) in Pretoria, where one  David Baloyi was due to appear in connection with his partner’s murder.

“Even if we don’t get paid here, God will reward us. Just to change lives, we will stand together as the church. The church is not the building,” he added.

A number of religious leaders in the country had been severely rebuked by the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CLR) for feeding congregants objects including doom pesticide, jik, petrol and even animals like snakes.

Mboro, however, said churches in South Africa cannot be brushed with the same brush because of a handful of individuals.

“The church has been the light of the world. It’s sad that there are those who are misrepresenting the church, but I grew up knowing that the church is the hope when people are abused, when people are hurting, and when people are broken they run to church,” he said.

The Citizen, a South African publication reported that Motsoeneng spent the day at the Moretele Magistrate’s Court with #NotInMyName activists as David Baloyi was expected to appear in connection with the murder of his partner.

“There shall be justice for Mama Doreen and her family. The daughter and our sister did not die in vain. Jail cells are waiting for this animal,” #NotInMyNameSA secretary-general Themba Masango said addressing the crowd of activists outside court.

“What we want you to know is that Justice is going to be served. There shall be justice.”

The activists were initially angered because the sentencing did not proceed on Wednesday as presumed because there was no electricity at the court.

The sentencing was postponed to November 22 and  Baloyi remains in police custody.

This also comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa convened a high-level Gender-Based Violence and Femicide summit in Pretoria, seeking solutions to the scourge last week.


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