Things You Won’t Believe, South African Preachers Make Congregants Do


Africa has proven to be fertile ground for emergent pastors who masquerade as man of cloth, who manipulate and capitalise on the people’s misfortune, promising healing, spiritually, financial freedom and marriage.

The bible verse : Matthew 7:5  ”Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s Clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves,” echos some truth in relation to what has been going on recently.

Following the recent incident of Timothy Omotoso who has been accused of rape, human trafficking and sexual grooming  has sparked a heated debate on social media on rape and how religion has to be regulated in South Africa. Mr Omotoso of the Jesus Dominion International church, based in South Africa’s Eastern Cape is facing countless charges, ranging from sexual assault to rape and human trafficking.

The church is one of a growing number of evangelical and prophetic ministries in the country, promising miracles and prophecies for its followers. Pastors have outdone each other in the name of healing and deliverance which leads us to look at five infamous things that pastors in South Africa have made their congregants do in the name of healing and deliverance.

  • The Leader of End Times Disciples Ministries Church in Pretoria Penuel Mnguni  declared a snake a bar of chocolate for the congregation to eat. According to a post on Facebook page, the pastor was demonstrating his power and authority, that he could change everything into anything  and it would obey him. Whilst preaching Penuel Mnguni would hold the snake and asked a man and a woman to open their mouths to anticipate eating the snake.


  •  Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre in Pretoria made congregants in 2014 to eat grass so as to get closer to God before stamping on them. Under the instruction of Pastor Lesego dozens of his followers dropped to the floor and started eating grass.  Pastor makes congregates eat grass to get closer to God. A South African preacher made his congregation eat grass to ‘be closer to God’ before stamping on them. Under the instruction ofMinistries dozens of followers dropped to the floor to eat the grass at his ministry  after being told it will ‘bring them closer to God.’ The pastors methods drew criticism from thousands of people.


    • South African pastor made the news in 2015 after using sex to cast out demons and spirit of lust. Pastor Mpho Molestane’s insane method eventually got him expelled from his church.


  • In 2016 South African pastor of the Incredible Happenings ministries revealed that he blesses people’s under wears, he stated that he does it is a way in which he would transfer anointing. Speaking on an interview on Jacaranda FM Prophet Paseka Motsoeneng he said that instead of laying hands, he uses under wear to speak the word of God into and the power of God gets in, the prophet also claims to have visited heaven and took selfies with Jesus Christ’s wife who is black.


  • In July 2016 saw the infamous ‘Snake Pastor’ praying over some pieces of clothes and turns them to food for his church members. According to him, he was led by the Spirit of God to perform this miracle.


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